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We can all admit that there have been times in our lives when we assumed that the future would offer something better than what we were presently experiencing. To make matters worse, we often do not make the necessary changes or adjustments so that our future will indeed be better. That self-sabotaging cycle stops now.

Still, I Thrive!: 24 Lessons on How to Pivot and Evolve During an Unexpected Crisis features the reflective and insightful stories of PK Kersey and twenty-three coauthors who not only made it through the unprecedented pandemic of 2020 and other life-altering trials, but came out with stories of victory.

This inspiring anthology highlights men and women who decided to stop waiting for tomorrow and start living their lives to the fullest today. Their accounts of overcoming obstacles through courage and perseverance will motivate you to boldly face your challenges head-on and win despite the odds!